50-75% time gains with TopSolid'Cam 2010

Thanks to the possibility to carry out parallel calculations with the new multi-core processors available on the market TopSolid'Cam 2010 offers dramatically reduced calculation times (a reduction of 50-75% depending on the number of cores) notably in 3-5 axis operations which require a lot of power.

Parallel calculations take advantage of the full technical capabilities of the latest generation of PCs with multi-core processors. Parallel processing optimises calculation times by managing different stages of the calculation simultaneously. The calculation is spread out over all the cores of the PC thereby reducing output times. The operator must, of course, work with a PC which has more than one core to take advantages of these time gaines.

TopSolid'Cam 2010 manages the multitasking accociated with duo-core, quad-core and all new processors to come in the future. Tests carried out by Missler Software have shown that calculation times were divided by 2 when using a duo-core processor and by 4 when using a quad-core processor.

There is no doubt that the efficient management of multi-core processors by TopSolid'Cam improves the efficiency of your system and increases computer performances. Speed is a key factor today in manufacturing so why deprive yourself of instant time gains?