The largest manufacturer of egg grading and egg packing machines in the world. Moba based in Barneveld, the Netherlands, is the largest manufacturer of egg grading and egg packing machines in the world. Forming part of the FPS Egg Handling Systems (EHS) the group has offices in America, Asia, Japan and Britain.

With about 320 employees, of which more than 270 work at the head office in Barneveld, FPS-EHS is one of the largest companies in the egg grading and egg packing machine domain. The company uses TopSolid for producing 3D models and CAM programming of prototypes, molds, electrodes and dies.

Company background

The company started out in 1947. 15 years later Moba decided it was time to turn the existing hand packers into fully automatic egg sorting machines. The company's most successful line of machines “Omnia” was launched in 1993. With the addition of innovative techniques enabling the recognition of deviations in products (auto-candling), the Omnia family has grown into a series of machines which can process batches of eggs hygienically, quickly and with a high degree of quality where sorting was considered just ten years ago to be impossible.

Not only does the company design all the components in their own offices but all critical parts are also manufactured in Barneveld. Possessing its own injection moulding plant for plastic and an extensive sheet-metal shop where high-quality components can be manufactured, Moba is even able to produce its own precision moulds.

The choice of TopSolid

In 2003 Moba invested in its first 3D CAD/CAM software. Having looked at the possibility of using other well know CAD/CAM solutions the company opted for TopSolid based on its ease of use and also the high level of service offered by the TopSolid reseller in the Netherlands, Bemet. Since this date the company uses TopSolid for all 3D design and NC programming for prototypes, molds, electrodes and dies. All wire cutting machines, milling and turning machines are programmed using TopSolid. The integrated TopSolid CAD/CAM solution offers important time saving solutions for Moba both in the design and manufacturing stages:

Significant time savings have been achieved thanks to TopSolid's user-friendly 3D modelling, parametric solutions and in the production of complex 5 axes parts.

Moba needs a powerful CAD/CAM solution to meet current market requirements. Where previously functionality formed the basis for the product requirements, factors such as safety, hygiene and ease of operation are nowadays playing an increasing role. Moba's customers are being increasingly confronted with (government) requirements in the area of the quality of their product and the welfare and safety of their employees. TopSolid's integrated CAD/CAM solution offers Moba significant time savings as the same interface is using from design right through to manufacturing. Any modifications made in the design stage are automatically recuperated in the CAM stage, thereby reducing the number of steps necessary in the production stage.